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What About Bob?

Bob Wilds has been owner and naturalist on whale watch boats for 24 years. He has retired from whale watching to pursue Great Marsh Kayak Tours.

Bob resides on Cape Cod year round with his wife, Nancy, and their two dogs - Buck, an American Cocker Spaniel, Sammie an English Cocker Spaniel and Annie, a Pomeranian. His love of kayaking on the waters of the Cape has prompted him to begin these tours, so all who wish can discover the magic of Cape Cod in a kayak.

Bob has also authored the books "Millennium Angel" and "The Secret", and has written 3 movies scripts: one thriller, one comedy and one animated piece. If interested in learning about Bob's scripts, please email him at

The Books

Picture of Millennium Angel Book The Millennium Angel is sent to Earth on a mission of healing the planet. The dark forces of the ocean capture her while she awaits the new Millennium. Given the task of saving her are a cowardly killer whale, a dolphin that cannot hear or echolocate (speak dolphinese), a hapless humpback, a toothless great white shark, and Ned, a boy whose self-worth has been battered and bruised by his condescending and egotistical father.

In a magical way, these unlikely heroes come to battle and conquer unfriendly foes. Passing through territories where danger and death poke their ugly heads at every turn, they learn valuable lessons about life, and find that the simple act of faith in themselves and one another was all the magic they ever needed.

Author Bob Wilds comments on his book:

The Millennium Angel is the first book of a trilogy. In each story, the characters are challenged to save a certain place in our Universe. Issues of consciousness and healing are incorporated to create a blend of magic and discovery in each book. I hope this story brings you as much joy to read as it did for me to write it.

Bob welcomes your comments on The Millennium Angel book.

The Secret - second in the trilogy. The main character Ned finds himself in unfamiliar territory in the Amazon searching for the secret of the universe. His encounter with indigenous people and animals turns out to be a powerful challenge in his effort to find Megadon on time.

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