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GMKT offers weekly rentals of our tandems kayaks only. Our fee ranges from $175.00 to $190 per boat, per week. Included are the use of two paddles, two adult jackets and one child jacket and child paddle, also delivery and pickup within seven miles of Yarmouth. An added fee of five dollars will be charged per five beyond the seven-mile limit.

Why don’t we rent all the time?

There are a number of reasons! One, most visitors are unfamiliar with the possible dangers such as fog, thunder heads, wind conditions and tides or how to rescue themselves or others in their party.

Is it dangerous to rent?

No, not really, as long as you’re aware of what’s happening around you and you stay close to shore or have prior experience. However, you don’t get the unique opportunity to see or learn about the hidden gems of the Cape that a guided tour offers. So, if you wish to explore and learn about Cape Cod then a tour is advisable, if you just want to exercise and putz then renting may be perfect for you!

Are there other places to rent kayaks?

You bet! We field lots of calls for rentals and we send them to: We recomend the following: Sea Sports in Hyannis, EMS in Hyannis, Bass River Kayaks in West Dennis, Iggys in West Yarmouth, and Castaways in Wellfleet.

Why would I be dumb enough to tell you where the competition is?

Because I get over 100 calls every season about renting and rather than have you make rental plans via my touring company I can dedicate more time to my potential clients and make more money tending to their needs. Also, the rental companies I recommend are all good folks and I don’t mind giving them a big plug!

So remember kids, eat your wheaties, wear clean underwear and we rent by the week only!

SO, do we rent on half or whole day?????????? NO!!!! Or let me put it this way……….NO! If you want the best tour on Cape Cod call me if you wish to rent, call them. Either way, enjoy your stay with us on awesome Cape Cod, and paddle with safety.


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